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Expat Financial Services

Are you planning to live for a long period in the Netherlands? You may want to think about the effects this may have on your future pension. When necessary, it is possible to take out an additional pension policy subsidised by the government.

If you are employed in the Netherlands (or if you live in the Netherlands and do not work in another country) you will build up rights to a Dutch state pension (AOW pension). You will also be insured under the Dutch survivor benefit scheme (Anw). If you pass away, your partner can claim a survivor benefit, and your minor children could qualify for a dependent child allowance or orphan's benefit.

For every year in which you work (or live) in the Netherlands, you build up 2% of the full AOW pension. Your AOW pension will be paid as from the month of your 65th birthday.* In many cases, you will also build up rights to a company pension through your employer.

It may however be the case that your future pension income is significantly lower than your current income or does not meet your expectations. If this applies to you, it may be possible to increase your pension payments with a helping hand from the Dutch tax system. In some cases 50% of every extra pension payment would be reimbursed by the Dutch government.

We will gladly advise you on the possibilities regarding this scheme.

* The pension age in The Netherlands is currently under discussion and there is a likelihood the pension age may be increased to 67.

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